Maequissa Darq knifeMARQUISSA DARQ

Presents Krumpet klub – an extraordinary league of laden ladies, bearing more than pastries and fondant fancies.

Her style is an eclectic, jaunty spin on neo-burlesque and cabaret singing.






Gimme Gravy – I have a neo act that’s a bit different… A vintage housewife with an overly odd love for gravy xx







Kooky sexy neo-burlesque performer all the way from New Zealand. Here to creep you out, turn you on and rock your socks off








Blending comedy & magic with absolute nonsense, Stu Turner’s offbeat act is sometimes silly, sometimes surreal… But always baffling and entertaining!Prepare to be amazed and laugh out loud, as you enjoy his one-liners, visual gags, and very clever magic.







N O V A Halo channeling multidimensional downloads to transcend her audience, with the voice of a fantasian siren and the guise of a cosmic angel. This is Transmission #3.







Lily Shadow:  Stage Kitten Singing Sensation! She hangs around shows as she has a love for underwear.

Cabaret singer/performer for Frillyways in Kent, notable performances ‘The Dave Lee Bench Show’ charity. Margate Wintergardens and songstress for the ‘Knees up Nightingales’.





Smashlyn Monroe aka Rico Del Ray

The lights shine bright, the curtains open and the audience await with baited breath. Here is the Latin Lothario Rico Del Ray.

This man is never to be left alone with your daughter, wife, aunty or mum. From lip synching to hip synching . Moves to kill and freak show skills to thrill. Do not be afraid of this big bad wolf . You will be dying to have him eat you all up.

The latin lothario is heading off to the Austin International Drag festival to take America by storm.



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